Recruitment of new Breed Secretary - Notice to Members

16 November 2017

The process of replacing Sian has now been accelerated. Advertisements will appear in the press very soon and recruitment agencies are being canvassed.

An exciting change has been approved by Council to split the Breed Secretary role into two distinct part-time positions; one that looks after all administrative services to the Society, including livestock registrations and financial management will be for 3 days a week - Breed Secretary (Administration) and one that devotes full energy to promoting and raising the profile of the Highland Cattle Breed, including developing and implementing market strategies to maximise the breeds success. This position will be for 2 days per week- Breed Promotion Officer.

These two roles have completely different skill sets and the aim is to employ experts in each of these distinct fields to bring overall benefit to the Society and the Breed.

If you have any questions or wish further clarification please don’t ring the office but contact Gordon McConachie.


Gordon McConachie   Telephone: 07712 672399   Email:

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